Fix LastPass Binary Component for Safari

No matter how many times I tried I couldn’t get the LastPass binary component to show as working in Safari on my Mac. Even after reinstalling the latest version of LastPass (as of August 2018) numerous times I couldn’t get the binary component for Safari working. Clicking the LastPass toolbar icon -> ‘More Options’ -> ‘About LastPass’ confirms the binary component wasn’t loading (Will show false instead of true, as I just fixed mine).

LastPass About Binary Component

I did find a post that reported a fix for this issue, however the linked fix was only documented in a set of images that are currently broken (not helpful). Luckily there is a web archive that contains a snapshot of the images, however I’ll document the simple fix here also for future reference.

Editing the Lastpass plist file

Using Finder navigate to the hidden folder (Finder shortcut = shift + cmd + g)

Open the com.lastpass.LastPassHelper.plist in a text editor (Needs admin privileges IIRC) and change the ‘Program’ entry that contains “REPLACE_HOME/Library/Application..” to reflect your Mac OS account’s username (which should be the same as your users home directory, e.g dan).

LastPass binary component fix

Checking the about page again should result in a working binary component.

Update Nov 2018

Incase it’s still not working double check that the is listed in your users login items which can be found in system preferences -> users & groups -> login items.
Be sure to add it if it’s not listed.
The helper app is located at ‘~/Library/Application Support/LastPass/’.

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Still not fixed. Lazy Lastpass developers.

I prefer not to install the Lastpass ‘all-browser’ component as I have two Lastpass accounts. By installing LP on each browser, I can be logged into different accounts at the same time. But BinaryComponent does not work.

Hey Dan, thanks for this as this is most helpful. Kinda strange the LastPass folks have not yet patched this bug. I mean it affects everyone who uses Safari but I guess that crowd isn’t enough to be concerned about, eh? 😮

Yeah seems as though this issue has been around for a long time, really shocked it hasn’t been fixed, considering how simple of a fix it is..

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