Car Specs

1974 Ford Escort Mk1

Ford Mk1 Escort Turbo

As of summerĀ 2016, this is the most current modifications list. I’ve tried to make it as detailed as possible but I do change things over time.

Engine and performance

Engine block

  • 711M 1300 Crossflow block (HC/high compression)
  • Stock 1300 cast pistons (std size)
  • Stock 1300 cam
  • Stock 1300 rods
  • Fabricated fuel pump blanking plate
  • Fabricated distributor blanking plate
  • Modified stock sump
    • Male steel weld on bung nut turbo oil return

Intake system

Fuel and Ignition System

Turbocharger and exhaust

  • Fabricated turbo manifold from standard exhaust (4 to 1)
  • Garrett T15 turbo (scrapyard find off Vauxhall Vectra 2.0 DTI)
  • Custom fabricated downpipe
  • Ashley 2″ twin silencer racing exhaust

Intercooler and blow off value

  • Small air-to-air intercooler (scrapyard find off Vauxhall van)
  • Ford Sierra Cosworth blow off valve


  • Recored stock radiator (3 core)

Running gear


  • MK2 Escort front struts
  • Gaz front shocks
  • Gaz rear shocks
  • Polybushes all round
  • Front 1″ lowering springs
  • Rear 1″ lowering blocks


  • Front: M16 calipers with solid discs
  • Rear: Drums with standard shoes


  • Modified type-9 5-speed gearbox (std ratios) with shortened tail shaft (No transmission tunnel cutting required)
  • Single piece prop-shaft
  • 13″ Minilite replicas



  • Standard 1300 XL 4-door bodyshell
  • Daytona Yellow
  • Chrome front quarter bumpers
  • Chrome rear bumper


  • Standard XL interior
  • Retro Nintendo fuzzy dice



  • Sony CDX-M800 CD player
  • Sony 10 disc CD changer
  • Sony XA-300 Aux in selector


  • Power door locks
  • Keyless central locking
  • Alarm with siren
  • Immobiliser (starter motor cutoff)