ASUS USB-N13 working with OS X 10.9 Mavericks


A recent move of my Hackintosh resulting in no easy access to jack in an ethernet cable so I had to find a suitable wireless adapter that plays nicely with Mavericks.

I settled on the cheap and cheerful yet surprisingly decent ASUS-N13. It supports wireless B/G/N (< =300Mbps) and includes a 3-year warranty. Note that there are two hardware revisions for the USB-N13 (A1 and B1), this post will only work with the B1 revision due to ASUS switching chipsets between revisions, from Ralink (A1) to Realtek (B1).

  1. The USB-N13 drivers found on ASUS’s site for OS X only support up to 10.7 and prove to be too outdated for 10.9. However, the USB-N13 (B1) uses the Realtek RTL8192CU chipset and so luckily you can grab a more recent driver package from Realtek here
  2. Scroll to the RTL8192CU section and download the version for OS X 10.8 (they will work with 10.9)
  3. Install the downloaded drivers and reboot
  4. Plug in the USB-N13 and open the newly installed ‘Wireless Network Utility’ in order to configure your wireless settings.
  5. Fingers crossed it should work! 🙂

    Update 02.02.15

    In order to stop the wireless application from launching upon boot, just delete the corresponding LaunchAgent file.

    sudo rm /Library/LaunchAgents/Wlan.Software