Plex – An update is available error

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A few years on from installing Plex in my home lab and I must say I’m hooked. The ability to stream personal media to a variety of different devices (Mac, iOS, PS4, Fire TV Stick..) wherever I happen to be in the world is simply.. just awesome! It’s like having your own private Netflix streaming service.

However one problem that had annoyed me since my first install was a bug that displayed a notification informing a Plex server update was available. Regardless if the server was fully up-to date or not the notification remained in place. I remember trying to find a solution when the error was first realised however since it wasn’t impacting any functionality I must of given up my search fairly quickly.

Fast forward a few years and I finally have found a solution, as simple as it happens to be. So if you to have the issue of a constant notification under ‘Server’ -> ‘General’ saying “An update is available. Please install manually”, all you have to do to get rid of the message is ensure you are running the latest version of Plex and then simply sign out and then back in again on the server itself. To ensure I was actually signing out/in on the server I entered the private IP address of my Plex server and performed the actions from there.

As stupid of a solution it is I hope it helps. After years of a nagging error message, alas no more!