100 days for #100cups of Coffee in London

Whilst walking through Piccadilly over the weekend I briefly overheard a strangers conversation about a friend who tried to drink 100 cups of coffee in a row (definitely not recommended).
After pondering some thought on what I had overheard, this got me thinking.. and I decided to set myself a little challenge.

For the next 100 days to try #100cups of coffee from 100 different coffee venues in and around London. I love my job and so spend a lot of my time in the office based in St. James Square. London is an amazing city and I want to see more of it, finding 100 coffee venues isn’t going to be easy and will force me to take a short walk from the office everyday in search of London’s best cup of Coffee.

Any coffee venue is to be considered, big or small, and I will also be reviewing the bigger coffee chains to compare how they stand up against the smaller stores. A weekly summary will be posted on here detailing coffee happenings, with daily updates will be posted on my twitter account @bytesandbolts. Get in touch by tweeting me your favourite cup of coffee in London, and I might give you a mention in the reviews!

My 100 days starts now. #100cups.

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